What are the Different Types of Hanging Scales?

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    Equal-Arm Beam

    • Used for thousands of years, the equal-arm type of hanging or balancing scale uses two pans on chains from equal points of the fulcrum, which supports the suspension. Standard weights placed in one pan---until the sides are even---reveal the weight of the item in the other pan. Traditionally, this scale weighed precious metals, groceries, postal parcels and chemicals. With the advent of digital scales, these often-beautiful works of art, though still functional, are collector's items.

    Standard Industrial

    • Grocers and butchers give customers on-site service with a standard industrial hanging scale. Suspended from a J-hook, this scale allows the merchant to sell the customer an agreed-upon amount of food, unlike pre-weighed and packaged goods.

    Crane Scales

    • Found globally, crane scales feature dangling hooks and weigh goods offloaded from ships at seaports. The crane scale's dual function not only provides weight information, but also guarantees safety for operators to perform the job quickly and securely, without overloading the crane or hoist. Able to handle up to 10 tons, the hanging crane scale exceeds other suspended scales in size and price.

    Emergence of Personal Scales

    • With a capacity to weigh the lightest of mail, a digital letter-hanging scale allows you to measure individual envelopes to conveniently determine postage without a long wait at the post office. A digital luggage-hanging scale lets frequent travelers determine the weight of luggage before getting to the airport, potentially saving money on excess baggage fees.

    Pendulum Scales

    • Supporting a lever beam with an arm shaped like a pendulum, the pendulum hanging scale uses a permanently attached counterweight load. This normally diminutive scale's shorter arm connects to a clip, tray or hanger for weighing the load. With the item attached to or placed on the scale, the pendulum swings out, balancing the load. Meanwhile, a separate lever or needle indicates the item's weight by pointing to the proper number on a calibrated measuring bar.

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