How to Start an Electrical Safety Team

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    • 1). Recruit a fire fighter. A firefighter is a required component of the electrical safety team since the skills required for this profession include detecting, containing and extinguishing electrical fires. Electrical fires are distinct from fires stemming from other sources.

    • 2). Enlist electricians and electrical engineers. Electricians and electrical engineers must be deeply involved in the electrical safety process since they ought to know the risks related to electricity. Trained expertise in voltage potential and precautions is inherent in these career choices.

    • 3). Sign up an OSHA electrical compliance member. A member grounded in OSHA electrical safety regulations is also another indispensable part of the electrical safety team. OSHA has instituted electrical safety standards by which all electricians, electrical engineers and technicians must abide. Protocol such as electrical wiring designs, electric power generation, transmission and distribution, electrical utilization systems, electrical protective devices, protective wear and general safeguards for electrical personnel will enhance the efficiency of the electric safety group.

    • 4). Register a health care staff. A licensed medical staff who would know how to respond in the case of electric shocks and burns is another valuable asset to the electrical safety team. Medical personnel would implement procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation -- or CPR -- and artificial ventilation

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