How to Ground an Outside Antenna

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    • 1). Pound the 8-foot long ground rod into the ground at the base of the antenna mast or as close to the antenna mast as possible. Leave approximately 3 to 4 inches of the ground rod exposed above the soil line.

    • 2). Attach the ground rod connector to the exposed portion of the ground rod. Tighten the two screws in a clockwise direction with the screwdriver. Secure the antenna mast ground wire connector to the mast. Follow the manufacturer's directions, as many types of mast connectors exist.

    • 3). Attach one end of the No. 6 bare copper wire to the antenna mast ground wire connector. Tighten the screw terminal to secure the wire.

    • 4). Run the other end of the bare copper ground wire to the ground rod connector. Make the run as straight as possible. Attach the wire and tighten the end into the screw terminal. The use of the No. 6 bare copper wire offers the most universal protection.

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