The Concept of Pre-Workout Shakes

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Pre-workout shakes, or the concept of pre-workout supplementation, is a fairly new concept. However, because of intensive research, it was discovered that this supplementation can be beneficial especially for bodybuilders and endurance-trainers. It is believed that including a this shakes in one's fitness regimen can propel workouts to higher levels.

This shake or protein smoothie starts protein synthesis during workout, and not after so it inhibits muscle breakdown. Furthermore, you burn more calories, most probably due to the metabolic effect of increased protein in your system. That means you feel less pain after working out even if you train hard.

This protein, specifically the branch chained amino acids or BCAAs head directly to the bloodstream and picked up by the muscles. Because of this, the liver doesn't have to process them and therefore prevents the need for the body to catabolize working muscles.

This shakes, which mostly consist of protein powder mixed with your choice of liquid - water, juice, milk or yogurt, taken before training can improve performance, increase strength, increase metabolic rate which means you burn more fats, improve your focus and decrease muscle breakdown during training. It also increases protein synthesis and stabilizes insulin levels. Incidentally, a meal is one of the three most important meals especially for bodybuilders because it determines how hard you can work in the gym. Simply put, a meal serves as your fuel to keep you going.

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Supplement your body's fitness needs and meet your goals by fueling your body with the right nutrition. Pre-workout shakes, whether plain protein powder and water or mixed with fruits, milk, yogurt or peanut butter, should be incorporated into your fitness routine.In fact, research shows that people who include pre-workout supplements into their routine lose weight faster than those who don't. You can always have the choice and work out shakes can help you.
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