Tips For Making Yoga Poses More Effective

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Yoga is a mind-body discipline that can change you physically, mentally and spiritually.
When practiced correctly it has the ability to heal and transform, and a regular routine of doing yoga often changes lives.
Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your yoga practice.
Breathe deeply and fully.
Take complete breaths while you hold a pose to help you stretch deeper, remain focused and unlock any emotions that are locked inside your physical body.
Inhale from the belly to the chest and exhale in reverse.
Breathe in and out of the nose with the lips gently closed.
Use ujjaii breathing which is an audible breath that will help you hold a pose longer and keep your mind present.
Relax into the stretch until you reach your edge.
For example, if you are performing a leg stretch, focus on relaxing into it instead of struggling to reach further.
As you relax into it you will come to a point of slight discomfort which is referred to as your edge.
Stay at this point and focus on relaxing and breathing.
When the edge no longer feels uncomfortable then you can go deeper into the pose.
Accept yourself and let go of your ego.
Try not to compare yourself to others who may seem more flexible or stronger than you are.
Allow yourself to be perfect just as you are.
Stay present by letting go of judgment, anticipation or fear.
The best thing you can do while practicing yoga is to let go of the past and the future and just be content where you are right now.
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