Troubleshooting an Auto Electrical Short

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Replacing a picket

  • 1). Loosen the old picket by hammering on it on the side opposite the nails.

  • 2). Complete the removal of the picket with the hammer and a pry bar. Use the claw end of the hammer to remove any nails that remained in the rail.

  • 3). Cut a picket to the length of the one you're replacing. If you don't have a premade picket in the same style, trace the outline of the top of the old picket onto a new board that's the same thickness and width of the old picket. Then cut along the lines with an electric jigsaw.

  • 4). Attach the new picket by driving two galvanized nails through it into each rail.

  • 5). Apply paint or stain to match the rest of your fence.

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