How to Remove a 3800 Harmonic Balancer

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    • 1). Loosen the bolts on the tensioner pulley near the front of the engine. Once the bolts are loose, slide the tensioner pulley slightly backwards so that the serpentine belt goes slack. Remove this belt by hand.

    • 2). Use your socket set to loosen and take off the three bolts on the front of the crankshaft pulley at the front of the engine. The harmonic balancer is located directly behind this pulley. Once the crankshaft pulley bolts are removed, slide the pulley out.

    • 3). Use your socket set to take off the bolt in the middle of the harmonic balancer.

    • 4). Place the harmonic balancer removal tool to the front of the balancer, use the clamps to clamp it down and then turn it to the left. Once the balancer is loose, unclamp the tool and remove the harmonic balancer by hand.

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