How to Seduce a Girl Even If You"re Ugly

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Tired of watching other men get all the girls while you sit at home playing video games? Wish you could get a date with a beautiful girl? When we finish here today, not only will you be able to get a date with a good looking girl, you get her to really want ONLY you.
What is this amazing woman seduction tactic? You'll have to read to find out.
If there's one thing you need to know about beautiful women it's that they're just as self conscious about their looks as anyone else.
In addition, many of them prize looks over anything else.
This means that they don't have much else going for them then their looks.
This is not true in all cases, but it is in most.
If you approach one of these beautiful women, it's best to stay confident.
Even if you have nothing in your life.
You can at least pretend your smart.
If your especially grotesque looking, making yourself seem smart should be easy and believable.
Your job is to shift the balance.
Make her realize that your a rare breed of person while making her feel like she's a dime a dozen.
If she dismisses you, go off and talk to a different girl.
Before you leave, tell her that her eyes look really beautiful because her makeup really makes them pop out.
This comment is an attempt to decrease the confidence she has in her appearance.
It will level the playing flied a bit.
Like I said before, you have to go talk to a different girl.
If you can get the new girl to laugh, your in business.
Even if you do it by saying something embarrassing.
The other girl will quickly become jealous.
The next time you speak to her, don't be amazed if she takes you seriously.
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