How to Create Certificate Signing Requests in Window 2003

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    • 1). Open your Internet Information Services (IIS) server manager. Find the site for which you want to create a CSR, right-click it then click "Properties."

    • 2). Click "Directory Security," then click "Server Certificate."

    • 3). Click "Next" when the "Welcome to the Web Server Certificate" page opens.

    • 4). Click "Create a New Certificate" on the "Server Certificate" page, then click "Next."

    • 5). Select "Prepare the Request Now, but Send it Later" in the "Delayed or Immediate Request" page, then click "OK."

    • 6). Enter a name for the certificate (the domain name is most commonly used), then click "Next." Enter your organization's information on the next page, then click "Next."

    • 7). Enter the domain name for your site in the "Your Site's Common Name" page, then click "Next." Enter your regional information on the next page, then click "Next." Enter a file name to save your CSR under, then click "Next." View the settings you've created on the "Review File Summary" page, then click "Next" and then click "Finish."

    • 8). Open the text file you've created and copy it. Paste the data into a file to submit to a Certificate Authority for signing.

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