The Top Benefits of Using An 800 Number for Your Business

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Tell me you haven't ever had THIS thought: "I want to build a mailing list for my website, but I don't know how...
" Or how about, "There's a glaring mistake on my home page, but my web designer is nowhere to be found!" Instead of being at the mercy of your own incapability, graduate to Self-Sufficient Web Guru.
Master these handy free (or nearly free) downloadable web content tools, and you'll be up to speed and fully functional in no time.
NvU - the Freeware Web Page Editor Trim costs significantly with this F*REE, easy-to-use web page editor that will have you designing your own sales letter pages, email newsletters...
and with enough practice, maybe even your entire website.
Go here for the goods: http://nvu.
Cute FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Upload web pages from your desktop to your web hosting server.
Cute FTP makes file transfer and server cleanups quick and painless.
Download your copy for under $50 here: http://www.
com - the Cheapest Form Host on the Web!
You cannot, repeat, CANNOT, expect to convert visitors to paying clients without a gentle nudge in the form of your email newsletter.
Download a subscriber form from FormMail.
com and start building your mailing list ASAP.
A membership currently costs just $24 per YEAR! Check out the f*ree trial at http://formmail.
Overture's Keyword Tool Selector Optimize your web articles, blog posts and home page copy.
Leverage the power of keywords for better search engine rank, more clicks and more page views.
Click here for your handy helper: http://inventory.
Invisionfree Software - Host Your Own Forum Build a thriving web community where fellow freelancers can share information...
for no money! Forums get traffic and traffic gets you noticed.
Play around with your forum's settings and set up your topics by category to encourage visitor participation.
Get it now: http://invisionfree.
I know it'll take some time to familiarize yourself with all of these new tools, some of which can seem pretty overwhelming at first.
But trust me, each time you use one you'll get better and better...
and before you know it, doing something like creating a new website in a night will be cake! Good luck and enjoy your free tools.
:) Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto.
All rights reserved.
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