How to Husk Buckwheat

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    • 1). Set up the grain mill on the edge of a sturdy table or work bench. Secure the mill to the edge of the table with the built-in grip.

    • 2). Place a 5-gallon bucket directly beneath the output funnel of the grain mill. Set a metal colander with 1/2-centimeter-wide holes on top of the bucket to catch the grains and allow the husks to pass through the holes into the bucket.

    • 3). Run a test load of buckwheat through the mill to find the appropriate aperture setting. Open the aperture to the widest setting. Pour 2 cups of whole buckwheat into the hopper. Grind the mill four full revolutions, or until all the grain has passed through. Inspect the grain to see if the hulls are loosened.

    • 4). Gradually decrease the size of the mill aperture until a 2-cup batch of buckwheat passes through with the hulls detached. Pass the rest of the buckwheat crop through the grain mill in 2-cup batches until it is all husked.

    • 5). Shake the metal colander to let the chaff fall through the holes into the bucket below. Pour the husked buckwheat grains into an opaque plastic container with an air-tight lid. Store it this way for up to one year before grinding it into flour.

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