Common Car Accident Injuries And Its Symptoms

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Several studies suggest that car accident is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the US, killing at least 43,000 people every year.

Further, road accidents also account for majority of injuries especially among American children, according to a study by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control in 2008.

According to the agencys statistics, more than 3 million people sustain car-related injuries every year. Out of this number, approximately 2 million of them will suffer from a long-term or permanent disability.

Common Injuries in Road Accidents

According to doctors and safety experts, the most common injuries in car accidents are whiplash, concussion, facial fracture, head injury, shoulder separation, and broken bones in clavicle, arms, legs, and feet.

Whiplash is a common injury incurred especially in high-impact collisions. This injury happens when discs, ligaments, muscles, or soft tissues in the neck move beyond its limit causing dislocation, sprain, or strain.

Doctors said that symptoms of whiplash are usually undetected for the first few days or weeks after the accident. But after some time, a person might feel any or all of these symptoms including chronic pain, swelling, headache, and muscle spasm in the neck.

Concussion is usually caused by a force to the head which is very common in car accidents. According to doctors, this head injury which causes no bleeding, is usually not life-threatening but may cause short- or long-term health problems. However, some forms of head injury, especially when the skull is fractured or there is an internal bleeding in the brain, require an immediate medical attention.

According to doctors, severe cases of head injuries may result to coma which is a deep state of unconsciousness. In general, this condition only lasts more than two to four weeks, depending on the severity of the head injury. However, a person will succumb to vegetative state if the coma lasts for years.

Dislocated or fractured bones in arms, legs, feet, and clavicle (collarbone) are very common in road accidents.

Facial fracture is very common in motor vehicle crashes. In this injury, soft tissues or facial bones are damaged, or even both. According to, common symptoms of facial fracture are swelling, deformity, throbbing pain, nosebleed, tenderness, inability to move the jaw, and blurry vision.

While shoulder separation is common in traffic accidents, sports-related accidents and falls may also cause this kind of injury. According to doctors, it usually involves injured ligaments and soft tissues. However, in some serious cases, dislocated or fractured collarbone may also happen in shoulder separation.

Seatbelt Prevents Injuries

According to US Department of Transportation, wearing safety belts can reduce crash injuries up to 88 percent. With this finding, the use of this traffic-safety device has become mandatory in all states.

Because of the effectiveness of seatbelts, several states had passed a law that makes the act of not wearing of seatbelts as a primary traffic violation.

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