Interview Questions to Become a Detective

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    Why Do You Want This Job?

    • One of the first questions you may be asked in a job interview to be a detective is why you want the job and what makes you think you should get it. The agency interviewing you will want to know what you have to offer the department and what sets you apart from other candidates. Being a detective is a difficult job that requires specific skills, and you will need to show exactly why you believe you should get the job.

    How Would You Deal With...?

    • A common practice in interviews for detective jobs is asking hypothetical questions. An interviewer will want to know how you would respond to various situations, such as how you would react if you found out a coworker was stealing money from your employer and what steps you would take to handle the situation. These questions help the interviewer to gauge your judgment, honesty, decision-making ability and integrity.

    How Do You Handle Stress?

    • Detectives may work long hours under stressful conditions. During a job interview, you will likely be asked how you handle stress. They may also ask you how you handle conflict in both your professional and personal life. The interviewer may ask what situations or people make you angry or upset. They may want to know what outlets you use to relax.The interviewer needs to feel confident that you can handle stressful situations and stay calm during a crisis.

    Describe Your Investigative Skills

    • Most detectives have previous experience in their field or in doing investigative work. A good job interviewer will want to know about your previous jobs -- specifically what you have done in those positions to show that you have the necessary investigative, interrogation and interviewing skills to perform your job well. The interviewer may also ask specific questions to determine your knowledge of criminal law and procedures.

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