Grape Planting 101 - 7 Easy Care Tips and Advice For Grape Planting

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Planting grapes, whether in your backyard or in a huge vineyard, rewards you with so many things.
This is the reason why more and more people make this as their hobby, or even their business.
But to be successful, you have to know basic tips for grape planting and here they are.
oSelect the location where you want to plant grapes.
Grapes love areas where they can bathe under the sun.
They love the heat of the sun.
The soil should also be appropriate, not too clay-ey or sandy, it should be loamy and can drain water well.
Grapes can also grow in both flat and sloping lands.
oConstruct a support system for your grape vines.
When grape plants grow, their leaves will be bushier, their stems will be longer and thicker, and their fruits will be heavier.
This is the reason why the support should be strong.
There are several kinds of grape support systems or trellis such as posts with wires (usually used in vineyards), rail fence, or a simple wooden trellis (for garden grapes).
Just make sure that your trellis cannot be easily destroyed by heavy rain, strong wind, and also the weight of the grape plants.
oWhen buying for grape seedlings, choose bare-root dormant vines.
You should also plant them while they are in this condition.
The season when this happens to grape vines is in winter season.
The holes where you want to plant your grape vine should be about two feet deep and should have plenty of spaces in between to avoid crowding and competition for water, sunlight, and nutrients.
oWater your grape plants on a regular basis.
If it is summer time and rain is scarce, you can construct a drip irrigation to water your grape plants from below.
Watering your grape plants overhead can cause mildew or fungal infections or diseases.
Try to keep the leaves dry, if possible.
oIf you want to make sure that your grape plants can get enough nutrients, use a well-balanced fertilizer.
Use the recommended amount only in the fourth year.
For the first three years, you should use a small amount of fertilizer and gradually increase it every year, until you reached the recommended amount in the fourth year.
You can add fertilizer in spring.
oKnow the pests associated with grapes.
They are sometimes attacked by aphids, mealy bugs, leafhoppers, and berry moths that specifically infest grapes.
Some avian also eat grapes.
Most grapes also suffer from fungal diseases.
You should know the different methods, natural or artificial, to beat these pests or diseases.
oPull out weeds which will just take away nutrients or water from your grape plants.
Insects that can be harmful to the grape plants sometimes live or feed on these weeds.
Also, remove all the dead leaves and dead vines.
Clean your garden or vineyard regularly.
You can even put a net over your grape vines to ensure that birds cannot pick on those fruits again.
You have to be responsible if you want to have a successful vineyard which produces high quality grapes and grape products.
All you need to do is to apply these helpful tips in your own vineyard or grape garden and you will be surprised at how much they can change everything in a good way.
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