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In the past year, was able to visit my friends in Germany, in Munich, Bavaria land. Bavaria - one of the oldest and most beautiful areas of Germany, the site of ancient castles and Gothic town hall, as well as the birthplace of the famous Bavarian beer. In our journey for those who like something stronger, we have visited many alcoholic capital of the world. In today's July heat is hard to think about anything but the big mugs chilling, foam, light amber or dark as night beer. Drink beer with integral sausages and sweet waitresses are known to miraculously holding in each hand at least sixteen cups of this drink, today we are going to Germany.

Germany is not the birthplace of beer - it was invented back in the Neolithic age, when there is no Germany, even in the project was not. But today it is considered to be an internationally recognized record for quality and quantity of varieties of this vital drink. About 40% of the world-famous brewers live and work here, and one German average for the year absorbs about 140 liters of beer - is, for comparison, a tub that you have a house filled to the brim.

Munich - the capital of Bavaria. Munich - lovely, beautiful and ancient city, founded in the 13th century. Munich was badly damaged in World War II, but was then re-built and renovated. Our city tour, we started with a tour of historic Marienplatz. Germany has always been one of my favorite countries.
I traveled to Germany several times, been to the most interesting places on the various exhibitions, presentations, performances, therefore, not without reason thought I knew about this country about the same as knows "ordinary" Germans their "fatherland."

Then visited the gothic cathedral Frauenkirche, as well as the old and new town hall. Then decided to visit the most famous museums - the Old and New Pinakothek. First - it's famous art gallery, which contains paintings of the Middle Ages. In the second - 19-20 century masters painting. Most probably, the main attraction of Munich - this is his world-famous Bavarian beer. Click here to proceed for the best car rental deals.

The city has six major breweries producing this wonderful drink for all countries of the world, and is held annually the famous Bavarian beer festival - Oktoberfest. Unfortunately, we did not get to it, since it is held in the autumn. But drink a mug of beer can be wonderful in many picturesque villages - for example, the court in the Hofbr¤uhaus Beer Hall, or in the so-called "beer gardens" on the lake in the English garden. Munich - also a student city. Most famous are the Technical University of Munich and the Ludwig-Maximilians University.
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