Protect Your Air Conditioning In Georgetown, Tx

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Heat and humidity can be oppressive during summer months in the southern United States. Without regular routine maintenance on your air conditioning in Georgetown, TX, your system will not work properly. Why is regular protection for your unit so important?

Early spring is the perfect time to have your cooling system inspected and tuned up. At that time of year, your HVAC unit is not normally needed on a daily basis, making it the perfect time to work on it. Most of the work needed annually is routine in nature, but you need to call someone who is factory certified in your particular unit. Each manufacturer has specific recommendations to keep your system working at the optimum level, and the professional you call should have a checklist for your particular brand. In general, though, the basic work of annually protecting your unit includes much of the same tasks.

First, the specialist will check thermostat settings. This step seem extremely simplistic, but it cannot be skipped when doing your annual inspection. On a digital thermostat, the time should be correct. If it is not, that is the first indicator of a problem. Next, check the current temperature for both the heating and cooling system. It is not recommended to check the cooling unit if outside temperatures are under sixty five degrees. Switch the fan control from Auto to the On mode. The air should start to blow through the return vent. The controls should then be changed back to Auto. Change the settings for heating the indoor temperature and wait to see if the unit clicks on, then see if the cooling system works, as well. Both systems should come on appropriately and when you change their settings. If not, you may have a faulty thermostat, which will greatly influence the entire HVAC system.

Next, the professional will examine the cooling unit. He will lubricate all of your unit's moving parts. You do not want part of your motor to become too dry, as this will cause friction. The engine will then require more electricity to run properly. He will also check that the controls on your HVAC unit work as they were designed and that the refrigerant level is secure. In modern systems, this coolant should not require any more to be added. If it is needed, that means there is a leak in the unit which must be repaired before the unit can be safely used. Without these safeguards, your air conditioning in Georgetown, TX will not work properly and may not survive the year.

Inspecting the condensation drain and the evaporator are another necessary step in the annual tune up. Both of them should have their coils cleaned. If this step is skipped, the humidity levels will likely go up in the home or structure being serviced. This could cause water damage on objects inside or on the walls. At the same time, the workings of the blower also need to be cleaned. While these systems don't take long, they are necessary.

Finally, the tune up should include a careful look at the electrical and gas connections, if there is one. The electrical voltage should be measured with the right tool so that you know the current needed by the unit is within the recommended ranges. All electrical connections should be manually tightened. Gas connections, if there are any, should be cleaned and tightened as well so that there is no fire risk. Loose gas connections could also pose a danger to the health of the people who live there, so this step cannot be ignored.

Protecting your air conditioning in Georgetown, TX by calling a qualified professional to do routine maintenance will ensure your HVAC system will keep your home cool through the oppressive heat of southern Texas. You will even save money on your utility bills as an added benefit.
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