How Does Wind Power Work?

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Many people are asking these days - how does wind power work and is it the right thing for me and at my home? This is not a simple question to answer but it is one that you have to deal with before you go any further with a project of this kind of cost magnitude.

There are several factors and questions you need to understand and answer in order to grapple with the question of how does wind power work…

How much local wind do I have? Before you begin any serious investigation into how you can convert the wind energy on your property into electricity, it is wise to spend a little time and effort to calculate how much latent energy you have and the wind surrounding your house. This is not a quick exercise but is relatively easy to do. All you really need to do is take some data at various points around your property with a miniature wind turbine called an anemometer.

Will I get resistance from my community? Whether or not you agree with these types of rights, it is irrelevant. The problematic issue here is that many communities and neighborhoods simply don't approve of people having wind turbine kits anywhere near them. The reasons are multifold but the predominant one is the noise and the visual impact of the device turning and shifting all day long as it seeks the most potential wind power.

Do I have a clear need to supply power for? Most people have electricity requirements that are far above the amount of electricity that you can make from a home wind turbine. But, if you happen to live in a region where there should tremendous amount of wind and you only have relatively small needs for that electricity, then you can export the excess power that you make back to the electric grid so that other people can benefit from it. While you are not going to get paid for the power the exact same amount as you pay for power at your home, you will get an incremental benefit based upon your local utilities system lambda, or the cost of the last kilowatt hour that the utility makes on their system with their generators.

In the final analysis, the question of how does wind power work dovetails into the question of how can you make wind power work for you? Answering this question involves getting to know your local situation and the strengths and weaknesses of your particular set of circumstances.

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