Risks of Colectomy

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    • A colectomy is a procedure that involves the removal of the large intestine, or the colon. It is performed whenever a colon is diseased or cancerous and generally takes between one and four hours to perform, but you may be in the hospital for weeks after surgery to make sure your digestive system has completely healed. Like all surgeries, the colectomy comes with certain risks that will be examined here.

    Internal Bleeding

    • This occurs when incisions may not have been completely sealed or there is other damage to the internal organs. Internal bleeding can lead to other complications, including internal scarring that could end up in bowel obstructions.

    Blood Clots

    • You are at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, which refers to blood clots in the legs, or pulmonary embolism, which refers to blood clots in the lungs that could make it difficult for you to breathe. Both of these can be alleviated with blood thinners under the supervision of a doctor.


    • Like most surgeries, colectomies incur the risk of infection. The chance of infection can either be increased or decreased, based on the overall cleanliness of your environment and the tools used during operations.

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