How to Patch a PVC Pool Pipe

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    • 1). Turn off all of the machines that are connected to the pipes to stop the flow of water inside. You can't install the patch while the water is still running.

    • 2). Locate the leak in the PVC and make a clear mark at each end of the damage with a marker. If you don't remove the entire leak, the pipe will still leak even after patching.

    • 3). Cut into the pipe to the left of the left mark using the hack saw. The cut needs to go clean through the entire pipe so the saw comes out on the other side.

    • 4). Make a second cut into the pipe to the right of the right mark. When you complete this cut you will be able to pull the leaking section of pipe out and dispose of it.

    • 5). Glue the expansion joint socket onto the left side cut pipe with the PVC cement. Make sure the narrow opening of the pipe is facing outward to accept the end of the joint.

    • 6). Apply the PVC cement to the wide end of the compression fitting and push it into the right cut pipe. Screw the nut on the fitting onto the pipe to secure the fitting in place.

    • 7). Glue the narrow end of the fitting and extend it until it is firmly set in the left side socket. Make sure the fitting is held tightly in place and extended as far as you can get it.

    • 8). Allow the cement to set completely before turning the machines back on. Once set, the cement will fuse the fitting permanently to the rest of the run of pipe.

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