Car Hire Europe Cost Cutting Secrets

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If you are planning to take an exciting rental-car road trip, start looking around for cost effective options and making it an economical proposition. With fuel prices continuously climbing, even a weekend road trip can be very expensive. The situation can be worse in Europe as it already is an expensive continent. Whilst cost is on everyone's mind right now, pay attention to the details while booking car hire Europeand turn an expensive proposition in to a pocket friendly scheme.

One reason why car rentals are costliest is that the price of the fuel has constantly been on rise for past few years. Due to this, car rental companies make a change in their price list almost every fortnight or month. Moreover, the demand in the peak season also adds up to the basic cost. The rule of the thumb is to book in advance in order to protect yourself from high priced car hire Europe. Most car companies offer huge discounts to their customers who reserve their vehicle quite well in advance. Besides this, there are several other tricks using which you can guarantee yourself a good price on car hire Europe and end up with a lower bill. It is best to book self drive rentals in order to save costs. The drivers nowadays, are facing rising taxes and fees and surcharges applied on chauffeur driven rentals. It increases the cost by almost 25 percent.

Anyone who returns the car with less than full tank has to pay exorbitant prices. The car companies before accepting the vehicle back fill the tank of the car and charges that amount from you. In order to protect yourself from being charged such a high amount, the best is to hire an empty car. You can fill your own fuel which is far cheaper. What you can do is buy fuel can or bottle from a stock market and use it for the rented car. That can decrease the cost to a much extent.

Look for car hire Europe deals. If you can be flexible with your traveling dates, this offers you an added advantage. While reserving your vehicle online, you will come across numerous car rental deals. Carefully go through them and see what they have to offer. If something suits your preferences, grab it. Also don't forget to go through terms and conditions.

Most people opt for prepaid vehicle rentals. The reason being, like post paid rentals, they are not worried about their car rental bills on returning the vehicle. But if you have to travel long distances, it is better to look for post paid deals as they will come cheap.

For covering short distances, you can resort to hybrid vehicles. They consume less fuel and are more environmental friendly. These days, electric cars are also available. If you plan to travel to a regional mall or drop down at your friend's place, hiring an electric car will be an economical proposition.

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