Solar Lighting Systems-Some Basic Descrition About It

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Solar systems are charged by sunlight (solar energy) using solar cells and it convert to solar energy which is produce electricity. Batteries store the electricity and used for lighting, if necessary. Solar systems are mostly used in remote area and these can be also used in industries and other domestic application. SPV systems have important applications in orbiting the dairy industry for lighting milk collection mostly found mainly in rural areas.

There are some advantages of using solar systems such as it can be used with lower energy costs. If for each light that you can substitute with a solar light, you will see a drop in your monthly electric bill. Carbon fuels, chemical processes are not used in solar lighting systems. So it is Environmentally Friendly. The solar lighting system is safe for children and pets and it is not produce any heat. The installation process of solar lighting system is quiet simple and it is very easy to maintenance.

Since many types of solar systems are obtainable, it is a good idea to check all the options. There are different kinds of lights can be found such as string lights of all shape and designs, stake lights, spot lights, as well as some more unique items. If you want to gently illuminate a path that leads to a garden, there are rocks that are actually sunlamps. It is well to remember that if you really need the light on a surface that is may be not the best idea. Produce a softer light, and because of their small size, they do not last as long during the afternoon and evening.

Lamp types are also important when it comes to solar lighting systems. There are solar lighting products with cutting edge LED lamps. Although initially they may cost a bit more, there are many advantages. While putting a bright light that does not produce heat and consume very little energy left to live. That is, they stay for hours. Under the solar systems, application and mediation can be operated for eleven fifty hours.
Installation planned for household purpose fix the solar lighting systems. The HLS pattern is given below. The solar module is installed outdoors on the top / veranda - exposed to sunlight and the charge battery and controller are kept in a secure area of the house. The solar panel must be regularly dusting high for a high performance. The lighting systems consist of solar photovoltaic (solar cells), charge controller, battery and lighting (lights and fans).

There are also some disadvantages of solar systems such as solar panels are very expensive, solar power cannot be produced without sunlight. But by the improvement of technology the disadvantages of solar lighting system can be removed.
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