How Safe is it to Get Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes Online?

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Cheap auto insurance is alive and well, but do you know where to find it.
Years ago it was easy.
You would ask your friends, neighbors and family who they had insurance with and you called or stopped in to see that agent.
That is no longer your best option.
Today information is readily available and so is comparing auto insurance quotes.
The easiest way to do this is to use a comparative rating website online.
They are easily found and can save you a bunch of time.
When you are active in the online community keeping your personal information safe becomes extremely important.
Most websites are legitimate and will keep your information safe but there are a few ways to check the safety of the website.
When using a comparative rating website you will be required to input an abundance of personal information to receive a customized auto insurance quote.
Before you input any info you will want to check for these safety measures.
Verify the site you are using uses a SSL certificate to keep your information secure.
The most common certificates are offered by Geotrust and Verisign but there are others as well.
The website you are getting the quotes from should display a clickable logo from there SSL certificate source.
Once you click on the logo it will list when the secure certificate became active, at what level of security and when it expires.
Be sure to check the privacy policy and or terms of agreement listed on the site.
This will state what the site will do with your information, who they will share your information with, and what future rights you have to your personal data.
Be sure the contact page lists an active telephone number to talk to the comparative rating company.
Make sure they just don't have a contact form for you to submit.
This usually means one of two things either they are very small and don't have a phone service or staff set up.
Or, they are unreliable company looking to gather information for their own uses.
If the website passes your safety check and you feel comfortable with them go ahead and complete a quote.
By completing a quote online you will be able to quickly compare rates from multiple providers to make sure you get discount auto insurance.
This can save you hundreds in just a few minutes.
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