How Safe is it to Get Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes Online?

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It is not easy to get your traffic to flow to your websites and even more difficult to turn the traffic into customers who will spend money with you.
Some folks have chosen to use article writing as one of their strategies to direct Internet traffic their way.
The only way any author is going to win at that game of directing traffic to a website for sales by writing articles; is if they write a lot of articles.
Additionally they should change the titles and a little bit of content and put those articles on their sites as well to pay for their time to write them.
I do not want anyone arguing with me on this, nor do I give a crap about anyone attempting to tell me I am wrong because they have a vested interest in having you believe something else.
Additionally I will not entertain anyone arguing with me, because I know what I am talking about after my case study in article writing online.
Having written 2800 plus articles and 692,000 page views, as well as having run 50 domain names since I started in 1996, with several traffic counters at 1-million hits per month in their hay-day and being at the top of the desired key-words in Google, Alta Vista, Yahoo and MSN.
If you are selling worthless trinkets and garage sale quality eBooks or some self help garbage and have never done anything in your life or accomplished anything, then you are junking up the Internet, as much or more than those dirty shock jock style articles online.
Therefore if you fall into that category, I will not entertain your silly arguments on my observations.
And obviously no one cares what you think; don't kid yourself.
For those who tell me I do not know what I am saying or that volume does not count for anything, you are dead wrong.
If you find yourself a detractor of my advice to write more articles if you want greater success, then I suggest that perhaps you ought to get off your butt and go accomplish something, rather than pretending to be an expert, while having never done anything worth mentioning online.
Then maybe someone might be interested in what you have to say.
You want more success online, you need better and more content on your own site and on online article sites like EzineArticles.
I do not want to hear any other theories on the matter, I am right and any comments to the contrary are wrong.
Bull Crap walks.
Think about it.
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