The Bookie Entrepreneur

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Words like bookmaker, bookie, and betting agent are related to the work of a person that takes bets on sporting and other events at agreed upon odds. Now these words have had an interesting history throughout texts and their popularity has shifted over time.

We can observe these changes using Google's new Books Ngram Viewer, a tool based off the volumes of literature in Google Books' database. Type some words and it will tell you the frequency with which those words were used between the years 1500 and 2008.

The results of comparing the job titles associated with professional bet takers yielded interesting results. The term "bookmaker" was the preferred one most of the time, reaching its apex around the 40's; using the term bookie, on the other hand, was not very popular in comparison, and others, such as "betting agent" were used rarely. But after the 40's everything starts to shift. The word bookmaker was appearing less and less in books, reaching its lowest point in 2000 since the 19th century. "Bookie", however, which started gaining popularity in the 1900's, actually surpasses "bookmaker" in 1980 and by 2000 it is a far more popular term to describe the profession than "bookmaker".

Between "self-employed", "small business" and "entrepreneur" the case is clearer and more straightforward. "Entrepreneur" is the most popular, then small business and, by a great gap, self-employed.

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