How Much Should I Pay Over Invoice?

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    Nothing Over Invoice Price

    • You should not have to pay anything over the invoice price---the price at which the dealer purchases the car---because the dealer can still make a hefty profit due to car manufacturer rebates and incentives, according to

    Less Than Invoice Price

    • The invoice price may prove good on some cars, especially those that are of a limited edition, but simply getting the invoice price or close to it usually does not mean you got the best deal, according to CNN. With incentives and rebates, you can often negotiate for several hundred dollars less than the invoice price.

    Bottom Line

    • Unless you are considering a rare and very desirable car, you should get at least the invoice price or better, according to and CNN. Keep in mind, however, that beating the invoice price is not such a great deal if you cannot get reasonable financing terms if you need dealer financing.

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