How to Wire an Amp in a 2001 Dodge RAM

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    • 1). Disconnect the negative ("-") battery cable. Use a crescent wrench to loosen the nut and bolt securing the cable to the battery terminal. Slide the wire off the terminal post and set aside.

    • 2). Choose the location for the amplifier and secure using the accompanying hardware and screwdriver.

    • 3). Attach the red amplifier power wire with in-line fuse from an amplifier wiring kit to the positive ("+") battery terminal by sliding the grommet closest to the in-line fuse over the bolt that secures the battery cable to the battery terminal. Use the included nut and a crescent wrench to secure the power wire.

    • 4). Rout the red power wire through an existing hole in the Dodge Ram's firewall, through the dash and down the side of the vehicle to the amplifier. Use a screwdriver to connect the wire to the amplifier.

    • 5). Uninstall the bezel surrounding the stereo by gently prying it away from the dash. Remove the two screws securing the radio with a screwdriver. Slide the stereo from the dash without unplugging any wires.

    • 6). Locate the blue accessory wire coming from the back of the Dodge Ram's stereo. Strip a small section of the protective coating using wire cutters to expose the bare wire. Remove the matching blue wire from the amplifier wiring kit and wrap the bare wire from one end around the accessory wire and wrap with electrical tape. Run the blue wire through the dash, down the same side of the vehicle as the power wire to the amplifier. Connect to the amplifier using a screwdriver.

    • 7). Connect the RCA patch cable from the wiring kit into the RCA pre-outs located on the back of the stereo. Run the patch cables down the opposite side of the Ram away from the power wire and connect to the RCA jacks on the amplifier.

    • 8). Reinstall the stereo using the original screws. Press the bezel that surrounds the stereo back into place. Reattach the negative battery cable. The amplifier is now installed and ready to be connected to speakers.

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