How to Dominate Existing Executives in Your MLM

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Everyone has an executive upline when they join a MLM company.
And when you join, there's no doubt in your mind that that executive upline is like a G-O-D to you.
You look up to him as a role model, you seek advice from him, and you even hang around him as much as possible.
Well, I'm sorry to break it to you but that is EXACTLY what people do wrong in a warm market MLM experience.
Why is that? In my first corporate job at my very first meeting, one of the top (I mean *VERY TOP*) senior managers came to present as a guest speaker.
What he presented on and the way I analyzed it will stick with me forever.
I'm sure you've had an experience like that before.
Events like these are the things that shift your mindset and kick your actions into overdrive.
Events like that create massive inspiration, motivation, and drive because life just felt like there is a whole new meaning to it.
That is exactly what happened to me that day.
My mentality has changed..
What he presented on was something very simple.
Although he asked a question no one could answer, the concept took barely any effort to understand.
Then again, it was also a very unique presentation.
This is what he presented on: "Look guys, the world is huge and full of many things.
But what I want to emphasize on is what the business world is full of.
From a big picture perspective, there are many corporations.
Corporations are made every single day in hopes of eventually making it big and having the opportunity to buy it companies they were once smaller than.
For example, Cydcor (The company I worked for) started out as a company that did sales for Mom's and Pop's stores.
In fact, all we did was market and sell coupons for those places.
But, look as us now.
We do sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies like Verizon and AT&T.
That's exactly what I'm talking about.
From a smaller perspective, there are many people.
There are people that create these businesses that are established everyday and there are also people within these businesses.
No matter what, you know what happens? The big ones ALWAYS eat the small ones.
That is the saying "If you think, you might as well think big" exists.
Because the people who think big but start small usually end up big just by keeping that mentality.
Cydcor's executive staff is full of unique people that come from different backgrounds.
How did we do this? It's because Gary (Polson, CEO of Cydcor) basically ate up smaller people.
I mean, he recruited Jim Majeski who was Director of Business Markets for MCI who exploded our businesses and offices not only in the United States but also internationally.
" That was it for me, right there.
Then he asked the question no one could answer.
If it was reversed, as in Jim being the CEO asking Gary to be President of a company, do you Gary would say yes? No, he wouldn't.
Why? Because he is better than Jim.
A 9 would never want to work for a 7 (rating scale).
So how does this relate to you dominating existing executives in your MLM? You have to learn that following your upline executive in your company is just a solid start.
You need to start hanging around the SVPs, PSVPs, Crown Black Diamonds, 9 Star Diamonds, etc.
Especially if you know you can already be better than your executive upline, you need to get in contact with the big dogs.
That is how you dominate existing executives and move to the top quickly.
Baby steps aren't needed when giant steps are available.
It's all about point A to point B.
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