How to Measure for Undermount Drawer Slides

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    • 1). Remove the drawer from your cabinet, desk or other piece of furniture. Properly measuring for an undermount drawer slide involves precise dimensions, and the presence of a drawer in the area you're measuring will only make this more difficult if it doesn't make it downright impossible.

    • 2). Measure the length of your drawer opening. Be as precise as possible. Keep in mind that when you eventually decide on a set of undermount drawer slides, you will need to subtract the thickness of the slides from the length of the drawer opening to compensate for the amount of space they will take up when installed.

    • 3). Measure the depth of the drawer opening, from the very front of the drawer to the very back. Undermount drawer slides are typically metal frames with adjustable lengths, so no matter what the length of your drawer opening you should be able to find a set of drawer slides that fits it. However, if you purchase a set of fixed-length drawer slides you will need to know this exact length measurement to know whether or not the slides will fit into place.

    • 4). Turn over your drawer so that you can see the bottom. Find the length, width and depth of the drawer. Part of the drawer slide mechanisms will need to be physically mounted to the drawer itself, so you will need to know these measurements in order to properly purchase a mounting slide kit that fits the drawer in question as well as the drawer opening.

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