Wet and Wild Theme Park on the Gold Coast

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A theme park that has allured more than a million visitors a year entailed a destination that offers a more-than-enjoyable destination.
Gold Coast Wet 'n' Wild Water World, located in Oxenford, Queensland, Australia has been operating for 26 years as of the year 2010.
It has gained its fame as being the 8th most visited park in the whole world.
Moreover, it became the most visited place in Australia.
Upon 26 years of operation, the leading water park has produced 4 pools, 15 water slides and children's area.
Vacationers will enjoy Wet and Wild Park theme park in Gold Coast because it gratifies the diverse personalities of visitors.
For those people who crave to feed their adrenaline rush craze will find their place in Extreme H2O Zone.
The zone offers extreme water adventures through its extreme slides.
The water park's slides are in form of funnel slides, open and enclosed tubes.
Tornado is the favorite of most guests because it gives them the feeling of being caught in middle of tornado.
The ride is performed in funnel of 15 meters platform that then drops into the crazy storm feeling of 14 meters tube.
Experience the scariest feeling of being in a space black hole.
The Blackhole slide creates the illusion of being lost in a black hole via its black enclosed tubes.
The riders are exposed into an experience of a monstrous black hole through long twisted and twirling tubes.
If there is tube skating, there is also pipe rafting.
Kamikaze ride blows up two riders seated on a raft as the 70 degrees "U" shaped pipes launches the raft upwards and downwards.
Other than Kamikaze, is the fastest and longest slide called Mach 5.
Apart from four extreme rides, there are also rides that are suitable for guests who are looking for gentler adventure such as AquaLoop, Surfrider, River Rapids, Mammoth Falls, Flow Rider and Super 8 Aqua Racer.
And for those people who are up for swimming, there are pools and beaches that provide various ambiances.
There is 36 degrees Celsius Whirlpool Hot Springs, one-meter swell Giant Wave Pool, the sluggish river of Calypso Beach and playing area for kids called Buccaneer Bay.
Other than the rides and water forms, surrounds the food booths that are prepared to feed hungry guests.
There is so much to enjoy in the park.
In fact, the word "enjoy" could suffice the description of fun and thrill offered in the park.
In addition, the Gold Coast premier water park doesn't just let guests enjoy the wet and wild theme park, it also successfully left riders the experience of natural tragedy simulations through the brilliant concepts of tornado and black hole rides.
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