Selecting the Right Body Glove Wetsuit

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In considering your body glove wetsuit you should realise what the purpose of the suit actually is, in short the suit is designed to help prevent what is termed as hypothermia.
Each person is subject to being affected by hypothermia based upon their overall body composition and physical condition.
Furthermore based upon the fact that this life threatening condition occurs gradually you may well no notice the onset thereof.
People should also bear in mind that exposure to colder water can lead to the loss of body heat almost twenty times faster than outside of the water.
Hence whether you will be using the body glove wetsuit for diving, surfing or even swimming, it would be recommended especially in colder water conditions.
However do not let warmer water conditions fool you, as the loss of body heat occurs just as quickly and can lead to the same hypothermic result as previously described although it may be on a lesser extent.
The colder the water or the region would likely determine the thickness of the suit that will be required, as well as whether you will be looking to get a full suit or what is known as the shorty, which basically provides protection for the torso of the body.
The availability of the vest is also an option which essentially provides covering for the chest and back area.
Waters that are around twenty degrees Celsius and below requires the use of a wetsuit, so that you prevent any possibility of hypothermia, whether you are surfing, diving or just having fun in the water.
You should also consider the sun burn factor, and whilst the body glove wetsuit can provide suitable protection, you should also use a suitable sun block with a high protection factor.
And as for the prevention of the dreaded rash, a suitable lycra rash guard is also recommended, especially when moving around a lot as one does in surfing.
The body glove wetsuit is manufactured by the company with the same name that has been in operation for many years, and has furthermore provided many additions to the industry in technological breakthroughs by utilising the latest and greatest materials and methods that become available within the industry, thereby providing some of the best suits that are available today, together with top quality craftsmanship to provide you with not only value but some of the best equipment that is available today.
Selecting the right body glove wetsuit will require you to identify which conditions you predominantly participate in, in terms of your chosen water sport, as well as a suitable size and thickness to enjoy maximum protection from the elements.
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