The Effects of Superfine SI Powders

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    Silicon Powder

    • Silicon powder is made from silicon, which is considered a metalloid. This means it has metallic properties, but it isn't a true metal like gold or iron. Making up a quarter of the Earth, silicon is the second most common element on the planet. It's a lustrous gray/black in crystalline form but, when ground into a fine powder, it is dark brown.

    Alloy Solidity

    • Silicon powder is used in a variety of metal manufacturing processes. For instance, it is used when making iron and aluminum alloys, and it's also used in the manufacture of ammunition and ordinance. Silicon powder, when combined with certain metal alloys, acts as a bonding agent to cement the bonds between alloys and create a stronger overall product.


    • When silicon powder is added into a concrete mixture it fills in many of the small gaps that are naturally present in the concrete as it dries. This makes the concrete stronger and more solid, in addition to taking away the naturally porous makeup of the concrete. For this sort of addition to work properly, it is vital that fine silicon powder is added in the correct ratio.

    Other Uses

    • Silicon powder is used in a variety of products. It's used in the manufacture of computer parts and accessories, semi-conductors, microchips, solar cells and even in makeup. The properties of the silicon powder that make it valuable remain the same across all these products. It's durable, strong, helps bond disparate components and fills any crack or gap to the satisfaction of the manufacturers.

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