How to Make Your Ex Crawl Back to You Fast? Ignoring This Can Kill Your Chances Completely

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It's such a painful thing that you lost the love of your life.
But you know that it's still workable and you want to get back with the guy who previously caused you pain.
Find out how you can do that the best way possible.
Stop communicating - Although you know where to find him and how to contact him, resist the temptation to communicate with him.
It is not healthy to be sending him text messages or making missed calls on his mobile phone.
Quit sending or forwarding e-mails of goodwill to him.
Do not answer his calls or messages.
This will make him feel that he's not wanted anymore.
Go on a vacation with your friends - Letting him know that his company's not needed and that you have beautiful and amazing friends you can be with will send him the message that you are doing good even without him.
It is one of the most hated feelings of exes when they know that their ex is doing great after the breakup.
Excel in your work - Work comes in handy when you are trying to heal a broken heart.
Remember that if you are unlucky in love then it's about time to divert that energy into something productive and worth it.
This is the perfect time to devote more effort to your career and make it flourish.
Your ex will definitely know that you're on a roll and that you're doing fine.
It's going to hit him right where you want it - his ego.
Lastly, learn how to say no - He has finally gotten the worst of him and now wants you back, say no and give him a thousand reasons why you can't get back with him though you're dying to.
Sometimes, playing hard to get does the trick - and almost always, it usually does.
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