How Do You Find Out a Weight Loss Secret to Get a Healthy Life?

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Health Info: Try to Eat 10 pieces of fruits every day.
Fruits are very important for our health; it contains richness of vitamins and mineral for our body metabolism.
It is advisable to eat 10 pieces of variety kind of fruits every day to fulfill the needs of vitamins and minerals.
So, to keep healthy, try to eat 10 portions variety of fruits, 10 colors, What I mean with 1 portion of fruit is a whole fruit not such thing such as a fruit salads with pungent dressing.
These 10 portions feel too much to eat in a day, but if you want to feel healthy and sufficient vitamins and minerals requirement, there is no reason to skip this meal.
You can start eating fruits progressively; start to eat 3 portions, 3 sorts of fruit with 3 different colors of fruit every day.
After get use to it, you can increase the quantity to another stage to complete the whole 10 fruits in a day.
Sort of fruits we can choose are personalizing with our taste, for instance Grape, Pear, Apple, Kiwi, banana, pineapple, mango, orange, etc.
Vitamin C Because the benefit of vitamin C not only acting as antioxidant, but also cope with Cancer disease.
Information from the latest research on Vitamin C high doses injection to a mouse proven to lower the expansion of tumor disease.
Vitamin C found as a cure of several of disease was introduced by Linus Pauling from America who won a noble price in 1954.
Vitamin C known as Ascorbic Acid can be use to help the process of Cancer therapy on early 1970.
Team research has been continuously done by US National Health Institute proven the oral medication of Vitamin C has the same ability and benefit with injection method.
The Vitamin C play an important part is helping to cure some Cancer disease, the research showing the higher impact on high dose Vitamin C supply will increase the hydrogen Peroxide in the body which can kill the Cancer cell and keeps the healthy cell.
On the other research on Vitamin C done by Canada health institute showing a little side effect.
The next project is to do the research on human being to convince the effectiveness of the Vitamin C benefits.
Fruits to be choose Fruit is a good carbohydrate source; the glucose intake is healthy due to fiber contents.
Carbohydrate is an energy source to the body.
Carbohydrate complex content glucose and fructose or fruit sugar which is good to our body.
Fruits also contain water, it helps our body requirement of water also fulfill.
Fruits also contain vitamin and mineral, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Zinc, Calcium, etc.
Vitamin and minerals is a co factor helping the metabolism process in our body.
If we eat protein then to process it needs co factor and mediator which is vitamins and minerals.
If there is un-sufficient Vitamin and minerals in our body it wills unstable the metabolism.
Contain Rich of fiber.
Fiber is very important to our digestion metabolism, to obstruct the excess glucose absorption through our body and fat absorption.
Antioxidant Fruits benefit which is also important is an antioxidant, which is a substance to avoid free radical form inside the body.
Smoking pollution, vehicle fumes, air pollution is a source of free radical.
Ironically, free radical go into the body can be hold out by antioxidant.
To get the first antioxidant is coming from vitamins and minerals which are rich in fruits essence.
Try to choose the shine color skin of fruits to eat which is high of photochemical substance.
Fruits benefit: 1.
Fruit contains water and electrolyte, vitamins and minerals, antioxidant, photochemical, fiber and periodic 2.
Advisable to eat some sort of fruits in a day, because there is no fruit contains full of vitamin and minerals we need 3.
Fruits with a shine color of skin and high concentration possessed of high & better vitamins and minerals compare with a dull color 4.
Rose Apple contains 165mg Vitamin C compare with an orange which only 69mg 5.
There no exact time to consume fruits because of the purpose.
If you run on diet, it's better to eat fruits before your meal to fill satisfied.
Looped substance in tomatoes, can help to avoid Prostate Cancer on male 40 years of age 7.
Apple known as Photochemistry which is an antioxidant substance effectively fighting back free radical, Pectin and Acid D-Glycerin help to lower the blood cholesterol level in our body, and Flavones substance helps to lower the risk of lung cancer 8.
Research from The University in USA found out photochemistry essence in apple skin blocked the cell intestines cancer as big as 43 percent.
Apples are proven to avoid stroke and embolism
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