Kamdev and Love

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Kamdev, the god of affection, may be very sincere and good-trying and the best making an attempt among the many many gods. He carries a bow made from sugarcane and strung which possesses a line of buzzing bees. He shoots along with his bow the 5 flower-tipped shafts of desire. RATI (ardour) his partner and his good good friend VASANTA (spring), who selects for him the shaft to be used on the current sufferer accompanies him. Kamadeva's car is the parrot.

Usually described as the son of Lakshmi and Vishnu, he's additionally mentioned to get the son of Brahma. Surrounded by gorgeous nymphs (apsaras), he likes to wander around notably in springtime, losing his shafts indiscriminately, however which has got a need for harmless girls, married ladies and ascetic sages. Shiva burned him to ashes as punishment for disturbing his deep meditation, nonetheless Kamadeva's shaft had gone residence and Shiva couldn't obtain peace till he had married Parvati.

The legend is that after stricken by Taraka, the demon, each of the gods underneath the leadership of Indra, went to the Creator to rid them off this monster. The Creator suggested them that solely the seed of Shiva might produce a fighter, who can defeat the demon. Shiva was then misplaced in deep meditation. The god of affection, named Kama, was requested to interrupt Shiva's penance. Kama Deva was extremely flattered by all gods and he boasted that he could conquer the thoughts of Shiva within no time. Kama consulted his spouse Rati, who reproved him for this temerity but consented to accompany her husband and assist him in disturbing Shiva's meditation. They go away along with Vasanta (spring season' s god) to Himalayas. Kama Deva pulled an arrow and shot at Shiva. The greater Lord, smitten thus, awoke from meditation and shouted who had dared to interrupt his meditation. Trying towards south he spotted Kama Deva. In anger Shiva opened his third eye in the center of his forehead and thus reduced Kama to ashes. Taking pity on the woes and responding to the pleas of his widow, Rati, Lord Shiva restored her husband but solely like a psychological picture, representing true love and affection and not just bodily lust. Hence another identify of Kama Deva is ANANGA (the bodiless).

For an extended very long time Kamadeva lay dead and love disappeared from this earth. At size Shiva allowed him to get born as the son of Krishna. The god of desire thus fittingly became the son of the other deity in the pantheon connected with love.
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