How to Make Your Own Paper: Steps & Materials

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    • 1). Run paper scraps into a paper shredder.

    • 2). Place the shredded paper scraps into a pot, and fill the pot with enough water to cover the scraps.

    • 3). Boil the shredded scraps for 10 minutes.

    • 4). Pour the boiled scraps into a blender, and blend on high for 15 to 30 seconds. This will turn the paper into pulp.

    • 5). Fill a dish pan with 3 inches of water.

    • 6). Insert a screen into the dish pan.

    • 7). Pour a small handful of the paper pulp into the dish pan.

    • 8). Swish the screen back and forth for a minute, then lift it out of the pan. Make sure to keep the screen parallel to the floor.

    • 9). Allow the paper pulp on the screen to dry completely. Sunlight or an oven on very low heat will speed the process.

    • 10

      Lift the handmade paper from the screen to use it for your craft projects. You may need a dull knife to work the paper off the screen.

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