Replacement Windows Stafford | 8 Frequently Asked Questions For Replacement Windows Stafford

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Replacement windows Stafford | 8 Frequently Asked Questions for Replacement windows Stafford

1. Does ENERGY STAR apply to Replacement Windows? Energy Star is an independent US government program that helps identify and promote energy efficient products.

2. What is the NFRC? The National Fenestration Rating Council is an independent organization that evaluates and certifies energy performance using industry accepted standards.

3. What is Low-E Glass? Low-E glass or low-emissivity glass reduces heat loss and passage of UV rays.

4. What is the U Value? U-Value is the measure of a windows ability to reduce heat loss during indirect radiation exposure

5. What is the SHGC? Solar Heat Gain Coefficientcy, is a measure of a window's ability to reduce heat gain during direct radiation exposure

6. What is the best way to evaluate a window's energy performance? Make sure the window is ENERGY STAR approved. Also make sure that the SHGC and U Value .30 or less and make sure that the manufactures warranty is at least 20 years

7. How long will a window last? It really depends on the quality of window you choose, Cheap windows have a tendency to fail within 5 years or less. The higher quality windows will normally last 20-30+ Years, Keep in mind that Quality manufacturers will stand by their product for the full lifetime with a warranty in writing.

8. What should I look for when selecting a Window Replacement Company?

Written Proof of Workman's Comp insurance
Liability Insurance of at least 1 Million
Require that you (the client) have been listed as an additional insured on the companies Liability policy
Choose a company that has been in business at least 10 Years

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