Picking Your Top Vacation Destination

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Sometimes in order to keep functioning effectively at your work, you need to set aside a little time to play.
If you're thinking of planning a vacation, start the process as early as possible so you can make sure you get all the best deals.
Start by figuring out where you're going to go.
Is your ideal vacation a beach getaway, a mountain retreat, or a theme park? Your destination may depend on how much it costs to get there.
Make a list of your top five destinations and begin researching.
Go to a travel website and find out what flights are going to cost to and from your top five destinations, including taxes and baggage fees.
Next, if possible, find out the mileage to each top destination and figure out if driving will be less expensive.
The next expense you need to calculate is a hotel.
You can check hotel rates for your planned dates of travel on any travel website as well.
For each of your top five destinations, figure out how much hotel you get for the money.
Just because one destination has a cheap motel for $40 dollars a night doesn't mean you'll actually want to stay there.
With these expenses in mind, you can narrow down your list.
If there are any destinations on your list that you will have to travel to by airplane, you will also need to factor in the cost of transportation once you get there.
Look at the price of rental cars for your stay and factor that in.
With these figures in mind, picking the right spot should be simple.
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