How to Learn to Use a Touch Screen

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    • 1). Check in the instruction manual that came with your device to see if your device employs "pressure sensitivity." Pressure sensitivity is when the amount of pressure you place on a touch screen matters when performing certain tasks. If your touch screen has no pressure sensitivity, it doesn't matter how hard or soft you press down on the screen. If it does, you'll have to be careful to ensure that basic touches perform the commands you want.

    • 2). Make direct contact with the screen using your finger. Touch screens operate using the electromagnetism generated by the human body. That's how a touch screen knows exactly where you're touching at any given moment. If you wear gloves or some other protective object on your hands, that electromagnetism will be broken and the screen won't be able to function properly.

    • 3). Learn when to touch the screen and when to slide your finger across the screen. Certain brands of smart phones, like the touch screen version of the Blackberry or Apple's iPhone, will require you to slide your finger across the screen to perform certain actions, versus simply touching a portion of the screen. If you're trying to tap down on something and it isn't performing to your liking, try sliding your finger across the screen to see if that doesn't result in the desired effect.

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