The Advantages of the Weber Q220

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If you are planning a weekend outdoors with your family and friends, the portable Weber Q220 can be a great addition to your trip. The newest generation of grills manufactured by Weber is portable, but they can provide you with the same amount of cooking power that any static grill can. Therefore, you will not sacrifice the quality of the cooked meat for its lightweight.
Many portable grills are not very durable, as they tend to accumulate rusting and the parts will not stay together for more than a couple of years. However, this is not the case of the Weber Q220. This grill is able to provide you with the same cooking quality for many years to come, thanks to its innovative design and high quality parts.
The Weber Q220 uses propane as fuel, thus you can be sure that the heat it provides is sufficient to meet any requirements. Most of the portable grills nowadays are charcoal based. However, charcoal seems to be the ideal solution only for rotisseries, while the raw power of propane is much more suited for grilling. The portable Weber Q220 has a three-gallon fuel tank, which can offer you about three to four hours of efficient power. While the tank itself is rather annoying to carry around, this grill more than makes up for it through its other features and advantages.
What is most surprising about the Weber Q220 model is that, although it is small, the actual cooking area is very generous. With around three hundred square inches available, you have plenty of space to prepare a meal for the entire family at once. At the same time, the grate of this model is coated with porcelain. The porcelain coating prevents you from burning the meat when flame-ups occur. Additionally, the inbuilt thermometer allows you to check the actual temperature of the meat. This way, the Weber Q220 will notify you when the meat is grilled to perfection.
Since it is usually difficult to light a match outdoors, especially if the wind is blowing, this Weber product comes with an automatic ignition. This can be especially handy if, in your rush to get to the camping site, you forgot to pack a lighter or a box of matches. Moreover, this model does not weight more than fifty pounds, thus you can easily transport it anywhere you go. However, the Weber Q220 provides you with enough space to place and store all your cooking utensils. Everyone knows how important it is to have everything at hand.
Overall, this product is one of the best choices when it comes to portable grills. This particular Weber grill model is able to combine all the features of the portable grills with the raw cooking power of the static propane fueled grills. Considering that the Weber Q220 also comes with a five-year warranty and that you can get it for less than three hundred dollars, this product is your best outdoor cooking solution.

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