An Easy Escape

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I have escaped from jail
Totally free without any bail
No surety for my good conduct
Not to receive any orders or to instruct

Is it good beginning or opening a new leaf?
Is it better to be a blind or deaf?
Why not free self from such clutches?
Before some one comes near or approaches

There is nice happening
It is good opening too
I don't know how far it is true
I must pass over and get through

It has some purpose
I must admit and depose
Certain things required to be done away
There lies complete open way

I am awakened to new reality
Certainly it has fine quality
There is real aim to stay with and spend
No foes at all but all friends

I feel to be completely free and alive
The burden is completely taken off to relieve
It is deep and nice feeling
I am in for it and willing

There is ever lasting peace
The life is spent at ease
The good will message is to be released
All sort of bad feelings to be ceased

It is not easy to free
It is not easy to flee
The tree can't hide the shade
The reality is as sharp as blade

You will have to liberate
New ideas to emerge and vibrate
There is opening of new gate
Grab the opportunity and never be late

Escape the dragnet
Pass it off or allow it to let
Not to think much and forget
New leaf to open and completely set

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