Easy Easter Food & Crafts

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    Candy Carrots

    • Make creative carrot-inspired goodies using candy and a few craft items. The eye-pleasing Easter treats can be used as both vibrant table setting décor and favors. Purchase enough orange jelly beans and clear plastic disposable icing bags to accommodate each party-goer. Fill each pointed bag with bright orange jelly beans. Allow a minimum of 3 inches empty at the top of each bag. Create carrot tops by twisting the bottom of two 8-inch pieces of green tissue paper together and inserting the ends into the top of the icing bags. Wrap green twist ties or ribbons around the top of the bags to secure the jelly beans in the bag and the tissue paper into place. Allow the tissue paper to stick up above the top of the bags.

    Bird Nest Treats

    • Treat each guest to a chocolate bird nest filled with Easter-inspired candy. The goodies are simple to create but will make a big impression on party-goers. Kids can also make the sweets as presents for their friends and loved ones. Melt chocolate chips until they are smooth and stir in shredded coconut. Drop a tablespoon of the chocolate and coconut mixture onto a piece of wax paper and form it into a bird's nest shape while it is still warm. Use your fingers to create an indention in the center of the nest. Make as many nests as you need and allow them to cool in a refrigerator. Place three pastel-hued jelly beans in the center of each nest prior to presenting them. Replace the jelly beans with candy-covered almonds if you desire.

    Easter Bunny Appetizers

    • Craft easy-to-make Easter bunny-inspired appetizers for kids to snack on before the holiday dinner. Children can also help make the healthy and filling treats. To make the decorative snacks, top round wheat crackers with a layer of white cream cheese. Design bunny ears using pretzel sticks and transform julienned carrot strips into whiskers. Create two large rabbit teeth using white cheese such as Monterey jack or mozzarella and cheeks out of two radish slices. Three carrot stick tips become the bunny's nose and eyes. You can substitute other ingredients to match children's preference.

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