How to Paint a Crow

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    • 1). Lightly sketch out the crow shape. Start with the top of the head curving down to the back of the neck. From the neck, draw out the back and tail. This should be twice as long as the head and neck section.

    • 2). Draw from the tip of the tail to the underside of the tail and the body curving back to the head. Draw in the chest and neck. From the neck, draw in the beak and connect it to the top of the head. Go back and draw in the legs, wings and eye. Finish by erasing the mistake lines and any lines you don't want.

    • 3). Mix together black and deep blue paint so it's almost black but has a dark blue sheen. Paint in the body of the crow, painting from beak to tail. Keep your brush strokes going in the same direction. Paint over the same sections, using defined strokes to mimic feathers.

    • 4). Mix together the black and blue paint with your light blue to lighten the paint. This will be for your highlights. Paint in around the beak, eyes, chest and the ridges of the wings to add highlights to the body of the crow. Again, keep your strokes defined to mimic feathers.

    • 5). Allow the painting to completely dry. Go back and paint in feather details with your lightened black blue paint with a dry brush. Lightly brush this paint so it's subtle and barely noticeable.

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