Dog Training Advice For a Well Behaved Dog

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Training your dog the proper way can lead to a happy and well adjusted pet that will give you years of companionship and avoid the frustration of a misbehaved pet with bad manners.
Follow these simple tips for understanding your dog and helping your dog understand what it is you that are trying to get them to do.
Dogs by nature are pack animals, and the first thing you need to establish is that you are the pack leader.
This can be done by holding them down on the ground with both hands until they stop fighting it.
Do this everyday at least once and remember to praise them when they are doing what you want them to do.
Do not let them get away with misbehavior and make them do what they are told right away.
Never apologize for stepping on their feet, when they see you as the pack leader they will learn to stay out of your way.
This can become tedious, but be sure to stick with it, especially in the beginning and the result will be a more happy and well adjusted pet.
Remember, when they see you as the pack leader, their desire is to do the things that you want them to and to please you.
Another critical mistake that is made so often has to do with how you use their name.
Never call your dog by their name when you are going to scold them.
If you do, soon they will begin to associate negative things with their name, and this could become a problem when you are calling them and need them to come.
Only use your dog's name in a positive fashion or when you are praising them.
Never hit or spank your dog as a form of punishment.
The most likely result from this is that they will not understand why you are doing this and in some cases may even make them more aggressive.
A much better approach is positive reinforcement.
Praise them for all the right things they do, Scold them for all the wrong things they do, but never while using their name.
There are many different approaches to training your dog among which are clicker training, Crate training and positive reinforcement.
Clicker training teaches your dog to associate a reward with the sound of a clicker.
This can be an effective form of training if you are consistent with the reward.
Crate training at first thought may seem cruel, but a dog has a natural tendency to be a den animal and if handled properly your dog will not see their crate as a bad place, in fact they may retreat there on their own to sleep or just for some solitude.
Positive reinforcement has proven to be a very effective way of training a dog by offering them rewards when they do the things you want them to.
This reward can be a treat of some kind or even just some praise and a pat on the head.
These methods for training a dog are simple but can be very effective and a well behaved dog is a pleasure to be around.
Above all else, remember to exercise patience and build a bond with your dog based on loyalty and respect rather than fear and intimidation.
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