How to Knit a Baby Scarf

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    • 1). Hold the yarn in your left hand about eight inches from the end. Using your right hand, make a circle with the yarn, using your thumb and index finger to keep the circle from slipping.

    • 2). Insert one of the knitting needles through the circle through the front side. Catch the longer piece of yarn on the end of your needle and pull it through to create a loop.

    • 3). Pull both sides of the yarn knot gently, moving the bottom of the knot below the needle. Tighten the yarn knot and repeat the first two steps to make another knot next to the first one. This is called casting. You will need to make a total of 20 close, tight knots in the first row. Once this is complete, you have finished the top row of the scarf.

    • 4). Grasp the needle that you used as the base for your casting with your left hand. Put the other needle in your right hand.

    • 5). Put the point of the needle in your right hand just below the first loop on the left needle and put the right hand needle into the first loop under the left needle.

    • 6). Hold both needles in a t-shape with your left hand. With your right hand, wrap the yarn under and around the non-casting needle and then place it between the two needles. Continue holding the yarn with your right hand, but slowly move that hand down to grasp the non-casting needle.

    • 7). Push the yarn you just wrapped around the non-casting needle through the first loop on the casting needle. You will need to push the yarn through using your right hand needle.

    • 8). Slip the knot you just pushed the yarn through off the left hand needle and onto the right hand needle. You should have one stitch on the right hand needle and 19 on the left hand needle. Repeat the process until all the stitches have moved to the right hand needle. You will now have two rows of the scarf. For the remaining rows, repeat steps 5 through 8 until you have reached your desired length.

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