The Fujifilm Real 3D W1 Point and Shoot Camera

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Is the point and shot camera dead? Well the point and shoot camera has been here for quite. While moving from film to the digital age of 1 meg to now an astonishing 12 megs and now there is word that 14 meg point and shoot cameras will soon hit the market. I mean while all this increase in mega pixels is fine and dandy, what about the actual image technology? I mean, sure we'll get an improvement in color, sharpness and overall image clarity but in the end it's still an image on a flat surface.

The boys, and girls at Fujifilm have just released the first 3D point and shoot camer named the FinePix Real 3D W1. 3D camera you say??? YES 3D! The 3D W1 puts introduces two Fujinon lenses and two CCD's on the camera capturing two images at the same time sending to a Fuji Real Photo Processor 3D which basically analyzes the two images, makes its proper adjustments and stitches them together. All this housed in a camera not larger than the palm of your hand.

How do you view these images? Well you will look quite ridiculous if you had to wear those blue and red shades every time you wanted to look at one of your photos. That's why Fuji has developed a printing process that allows the viewer to see their photos in 3D with the naked eye! No red and blue glasses, no special process just look at your photos like you've always have. For your 3D experience just angle photos and you'll be amazed at how these images pop right out showing you a glimpse of another angle and what is behind each object in the photo. Truly something worth a look at...

By the way the camera shoots 3D video as well.
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