Basic Framing Materials

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Framing is one way of preserving various art works such as painting, photographs, memento or memorabilia such as certificates of recognitions and citations, diplomas and among others.
They are not only preserved for future generations but also serve as decorative art pieces that add beauty to our homes.
Although it may appear simple, there is more to framing than meets the eye because framing employs various techniques and materials that framers must be familiar with and acquire considerable training to be skillful such as having an eye for art and details.
One material that is needed in framing is a mat board which will surround the subject that is being framed.
The matting is necessary to keep the artwork from keeping in contact with the glass such that a desirable space between the glass and the framing subject is maintained as heat and moisture may accumulate that may ruin the art.
Mats come in various forms, colors, material compositions such as paper, alfa and rag mats and styles.
As acids destroy pictures in a number of ways, matting materials should be acid-free such as those of virgin cotton fibers.
Furthermore, the mat's various colors serve to highlight the beauty of the artwork while different creative designs bring out its elegance.
Another material needed is the glazing or the glass that will cover the art piece.
Glass may have a varying degree of tinting or color from greenish tinge to almost colorless water white.
The more water white the glass is the more expensive and the more it makes the artwork elegant-looking.
Specialty glazing such as anti-reflect coatings, shatter-proof, scratch-resistant are more expensive alternatives but are safe for frames being displayed in public places such as schools, malls and restaurants where a heightened risk from injury is possible.
Third, moldings which are made either of wood or metals, greatly affect the final look of the artwork once displayed.
As it serves as the framework of the subject, the choice of molding design will give a distinct character to the picture or diploma.
One advantage to having wood, which remains the classic choice, is that its ability to fit into a wide variety of decorative theme from ancient to modern type of home d├ęcor.
Fittings, where screws are attached to the moldings, which are used for mounting the frame on walls or posts, should be rust-proof and sharp and pointed edges should not come in contact with the backing of the frame.
Furthermore, screws should be attached safely such that it will not be loosened-up easily or sway from opposite directions.
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