Poker Games for Girls

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    Texas Hold 'Em

    • The objective of Texas Hold 'Em is to have the best five-card poker hand. While there are seven cards in play per player, only the best five are used. Texas Hold 'Em begins with each player getting two cards face down. A round of betting ensues prior to three community cards being placed in the center of the table. All players can use these cards. Another round of betting occurs and then a fourth community card is dealt. After another round of betting, a fifth and final community card is dealt. A final round of betting takes place before all players who have not folded present their hands.

    Seven Card Stud

    • In Seven Card Stud, players receive two cards face down and one face up. In the end, only five of the seven cards can be used. After receiving their first three cards, players place bets beginning with the person holding the lowest face-up card. All players receive another card face up before another round of betting. A fifth card is dealt face up, and players again place bets. One more card is dealt face up followed by betting. Finally, the last card is dealt face down. After the betting, the player with the best five-card poker hand wins.


    • Much like in Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha players are given five community cards and there are rounds of betting after the first three, fourth, and fifth community cards are placed on the table. In Omaha, players receive four cards to begin. While any of the community cards can be used, only two of the four cards received at the beginning of the hand can be used. This rule allows players multiple possibilities within their own starting hands.

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