Why Was Computer Animation Designed?

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    Time Factor

    • Drawing in each and every frame by hand is very time-intensive and tedious. WIth computer animation, production time is reduced by automating many tasks that are a part of traditional animation.


    • Traditional animation requires many skills, and because production equipment was expensive it was difficult to learn how to animate. Now that computers are common in households and schools, everybody has the opportunity to learn to animate using a computer.

    Price Factor

    • Computer animation requires smaller production teams and fewer tools than traditional animation. Animation companies save money in equipment cost and wages by using computer animation.


    • Using 3-D modeling, computer animators can create very sophisticated scenes. Computer animation can be so photorealistic that it is often used alongside normal video footage and it is difficult to tell the difference.


    • Now that video production trends are moving toward digital filming, computer animation will be much more convenient for special effects.

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