How ECommerce Changes the Nature of Competition?

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Competition used to mean the rivalry between companies.
with the advent of electronic commerce, competition now refers to the rivalry between supply chain partners.
Ecommerce is all about supply chain management.
Before goods came at the same time as the information about theme, so there was no time to plan sales and distribution.
today, electronic commerce tightens the links between companies.
they now say, we belong to the same supply chain.
We need to work together to beat another supply chain.
In situation where suppliers have to be treated as internal partners.
Information has to precede goods.
This is what companies must aim to bring about in Asia most especially here in the Philippines.
But i think Asia most especially Philippines must need to overcome some of the obstacles to fulfill this perfect scenario for e-commerce.
I believe there has to be a better understanding of the business benefits for purchasers, suppliers and other supporting bodies like; banks, shipping companies, insurance companies, and most especially the Philippine Government, Electronic commerce works best if everybody in the trading cycle can accept electronic documents.
And we must inculcate in our mind that we are in the new era of business.
And let us start accepting the challenges of changes! This is for all of us for a better system in competitions.
Lets us accept the fact that the nature of competition has changed.
It is all about supply chain management -Supply Chain Management enterprise solutions that help various vertical market players increase their efficiency and profitability through successful integration of business processes across the supply chain.
This is the challenges and this is the reality.
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