How to Make Your Own Car Virtually

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    • 1). Visit ABC Ya!, Funny Games, OGN or MTV. These sites will have a game or feature that will allow you to create your own virtual car.

    • 2). Select a car body style you want to customize. Style options usually include coupes, SUVs, pickups or vintage cars.

    • 3). Choose a color of paint for your virtual car. Paint options will vary from site to site, but will usually include white, red, blue, turquoise, maroon, yellow, orange, dark purple or pink. Some sites allow users to paint a car with a camouflage, racecar, taxicab, emergency vehicle, American flag or police car patterns.

    • 4). Design your wheels by picking out custom rims. Rim and wheel styles may include regular alloy rims, chrome rims, racing wheels or monster truck wheels.

    • 5). Pick out a paint design for your virtual car. Users can customize their cars with lightning bolts, flames, wood panels, mud stains, tinted windows, armor, headlight covers, window clings, big horns, stars, fender lights, rear and front spoilers, LED lights that go under the car and antenna balls.

      Other items to choose from include 24 carat gold plated grills, flaming tail pipes, flashing emergency lights, hood ornaments, fake advertisements for the top of the car (like on taxicabs), airplane wings, big water pistols, satellites or a snowplow.

    • 6). Choose a scene for your car. After you have picked out all the accessories your virtual car needs, pick out a background scene to accent how good the car looks. Scenes may include a mechanic's garage, city streets, a driveway at a house, raceways or a trailer park.

    • 7). Save an image of your completed car to your computer to view later or print. Then enter it into a race car competition or an image gallery for others to view.

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