How to Create Custom Toy Cars

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    • 1). Draw your own custom design for a toy car directly onto the side of the wood block that comes in your pinewood derby racer kit. These kits can be purchased at local hobby stores or online. The kit should include a pinewood block for the body of the car, two metal rods for the axles of the car and four plastic wheels for the tires.

    • 2). Cut out the design from the pinewood block using a jigsaw.

    • 3). Drill two holes through the front and back of the pinewood cutout of the car. These holes will be for the axles, so they need to be big enough to fit the metal rods but not much wider than the rods themselves.

    • 4). Sand down all the surfaces of the pinewood cutout until it's smooth. Use different grades of sandpaper to accomplish this.

    • 5). Paint the custom toy car however you like using spray paint. Allow about two hours for the spray paint to dry on the wood.

    • 6). Insert the two metal rods into the holes at the front and back of the car, then attach one wheel to each end of the rods sticking out of the car. All four plastic wheels should be attached.

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